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Hurricanes & Travel

Jolly Mon Vacations

Late season hurricanes are very active this year. Do you have a flight, resort vacation or cruise scheduled soon? Recent flight changes, airport or resort closures and devastated ports or islands may affect your vacation.

Keep abreast of the current situation with all things on your itinerary. I highly recommend travel insurance and the use of a travel professional when booking your trip. This way you have protection and someone to assist you when you need it most.

Mother Nature can spoil your plan at any time. Being prepared is necessary and good peace of mind.

Pete Larson, CTC, LS, DS

Certified Travel Counselor


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Jolly Mon Vacations is IATAN Accredited

What does Jolly Mon Vacations ‘IATAN accreditation’ mean to you?

IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) promotes professionalism and administers meaningful and impartial business standards to travel industry professionals. IATAN accreditation is voluntary, and means that a travel business consciously works to assure you, its customer, of its legitimacy and commitment to the travel profession.

IATAN accreditation tells you that Jolly Mon Vacations is a serious,  reputable,  business professional and seller of travel. Jolly Mon Vacations is an IATAN Travel Sales Intermediary (TSI) agency. Our IATAN number can be found in the IATAN database by cruise lines, airlines and hotels worldwide.

IATAN accredited agencies must demonstrate that:

  • it has staff devoted to the affairs of the business, who have managerial skills and discretion
  • the business is a valid legal entity, and has appropriate business bank accounts
  • it can produce letters of reference from national or international travel industry suppliers or from national travel associations
  • its Website and advertisements show how customers can contact the business
  • it complies with relevant Federal, state, county, and local laws
  • it has no pending or unresolved complaints at state or local consumer affairs office
  • as part of the accreditation process, agencies must demonstrate revenue consistent with being a significant travel business.

You can get more details on IATAN at assists you with your vacation plans and doesn’t charge any fees for booking packages. Contact us today for your free assistance. Save money and receive professional travel advice…now that’s VALUE!

Pete Larson

President, Jolly Mon Vacations

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Jolly Mon on Scenic Tours Newest River Ship, Scenic Crystal

Jolly Mon Vacations is proud to announce that we will be cruising on the very first cruise of Scenic Crystal in April. The ship is currently being built-in Amsterdam and will make its way down the Rhine River into Germany this April. We will join the ship in Amsterdam and be the very first passengers to sleep in those luxurious sheets as this ship cruises the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. We will make our way from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to the cities of Cologne, Germany, Cochem on the Moselle River, Bernkastel, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and through the beautiful castle-lined Rhine Gorge to Rudesheim.

Scenic Tours is relatively new to the river cruise business in Europe, but they are getting ready to launch their sixth river cruise ‘spaceship’. The Austrailian-owned river cruise line is making interesting modifications to this ship. This new ship, named the Scenic Crystal, will have enclosed balconies. Scenic was the first river cruise line with real, step-out balconies and by enclosing them when the weather turns, it gives cruisers even more cabin space. The glass panels of these “Scenic Sun Lounges” can be raised or dropped depending on the weather with just a push of a button. “We asked our ship designers to wow us and they did more than that with the Crystal — as it goes beyond any other river cruise ship in comfort and technology,” said Scenic Cruises founder Glen Moroney.

Crystal Dining will be the main dining room on board with a fine dining restaurant called Portobello and a casual breakfast-and-lunch venue dubbed the River Café.  The ship will also have bicycles that you can take ashore at no extra cost along with a small 24 hour fitness center.

The staterooms will range in size from 164 to 315 square feet. Staterooms and suites come equipped with the modern amenities found in leading European hotels: Apple technology in the television system, wireless Internet throughout the ship, Egyptian cotton linens, full showers, L’Occitane toiletries and glass-fronted bar fridges. A fleet of pedal bicycles and electric bicycles are available for free use by guests.

On many river ships you occasionally feel the vibration from the engines —that’s just part of the small size of the ship. Scenic is attempting to dampen that sound with a new rubber structure and double-insulated enclosures.

The new ship will ultimately sail the 8-day Gems of the Danube (from $3,245 to $5,615 per person, double occupancy); the 11-day Gems of the Danube and Prague ($4,415 to $6,785); and the 15-day Jewels of Europe between Budapest and Amsterdam ($4,895 to $10,915).

The Rhine Gorge

Prices include airport transfers, soda, beer and wine at lunch and dinner and gratuities.

The ship will also be as long as is possible on European rivers, which makes for staterooms and suites that are about 25 percent larger than equivalent accommodations on other river cruise lines. Up on the top deck, the added ship size creates the largest lounge and dining area of any river ship–with three viewing areas. The extra space also makes it possible to offer a choice of three dining rooms, including The Show Grill, where guests can watch chefs preparing their meals.

Castles in the Rhine Gorge

Our Journey from Amsterdam to Rudesheim via Luxembourg

Jolly Mon will be blogging and adding photos during the trip to our facebook page at: and so please LIKE our pages and follow on our adventure.

We are, Jolly Mon Vacations and The River Cruise Guru. We offer FREE river cruise planning as well as all other vacations. Call now to begin your own river cruise!

Pete Larson,

River Cruise Specialist


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Comparing Airfares: What You Need to Know!

Comparing Airfares:  What You Need to Know!

By Pete Larson,

Travel Consultant,

Jolly Mon Vacations

The major airlines
are evolving constantly, and the way we buy airline tickets has changed in a
short time. The airlines have basically forced us to search down our own
information via a website and book online. Most will charge an extra fee to
book by phoning their call centers. The internet makes it pretty easy to search
down flights, but comparing them to find the best fares is becoming much
harder. They want travelers to act as their own travel agent, but rarely does
the traveler know the airlines, the marketing tricks, or the search techniques
of the well seasoned travel agent. This can lead to hurried decisions,
misinformation, huge unexpected expenses and spoiled vacations.

Travel consumers are
confused and airlines like it that way. Confusion turns into profit for the
companies when travelers spend more money than they expected to. Airlines are
making 100% of their profit by these ancillary fees. Airlines have the right to
make money, but it shouldn’t be done by withholding information that consumers
need to make choices.

Airlines don’t
disclose these fees until after you’ve fallen for a low fare. Sometimes this
isn’t until after you’ve bought your ticket. Trying to figure out these fees
beforehand is both time consuming and frustrating. They entice you with an
unbelievable deal only to add fees onto the price so it only ‘appears’ to be a
deal, duping customers into buying without knowing the FULL price. Quoted
airfares exclude many items that now cost extra. Extra fees are being charged
for baggage, but some airlines are charging extra for other things as well.
Fuel surcharges are ever-changing and some airlines have a fee for a seat
assignment of for priority boarding. You almost have to be an accountant to
figure out the true price of flying!  It’
s much more difficult these days to figure out which carrier has the lowest
price. Even when you find a low fare, the add-ons change that in a hurry.

Entire airlines have
vanished from some of the major airfare search engines. This makes comparing
individual airlines much harder when you have to jump from site to site.

Buying airfare or any travel is best done by relying  on a
professional. Travel is not a commodity, and cannot be purchased that way.
There are just too many variables to make comparison shopping easy. More and
more travelers are realizing that vacations are best when they are planned and
booked by a travel agent. We study the rules, know the airlines, visit the
resorts, sail on the ships, read the fine print and know what things should

Searching for travel
can be overwhelming these days. Information overload keeps people confused and
companies intentionally mislead you for a sale. That’s what you are to them….’a
sale.’ To Jolly Mon Vacations, you are a very important client. We work in YOUR
best interest, advise you on reliable choices, make sure everything is in order
so your vacation is stress free and enjoyable. With Jolly Mon Vacations…there
are no SURPRISE fees! For most all our services, there are no fees.

Contact us and we will get you started in the right direction.
We believe an educated traveler is a happy and safe traveler.


Phone or text:  218-779-3050

Twitter:  TheJollyMon